Buck Wyrmseeker

Kender Rogue


Chaotic Good

STR: 10
DEX: 19
CON: 17
INT: 13
WIS: 7
CHA: 12

Weapon: Hoopak


A young and bright-eyed adventurer, from childhood Buckeran Wyrmseeker displayed an almost unnatural affinity for all things related to dragons, ever since hearing tales of the destruction of Kendermore by Malys – cautionary tales mostly, which fell on deaf ears and only fed into his awe of great flying lizards. He was named for this preoccupation, and as a result dragon artefacts and emblems have struck his eye since before he could remember, and his biggest wish is to someday see a dragon full for himself. His hair and hoopak are adorned with steel dragon-winged ornaments, and you’ll often hear him boast of the dragontooth clothing adornments and dragonhide vest he wears (none of which are authentic, but it wouldn’t bother him if he knew that – it’s not like he even paid for them)

Like all Kender, Buck has an interesting view of personal property and ownership – if it’s not bolted down it’s ripe for the taking, and if it is bolted down it better be done nice and tight – and often walks himself into trouble on his travels as a result, which he finds extremely vexing. He’s sharp tongued and easily distracted, but fiercely loyal and brave to a fault. As a travelling partner, you’d better keep a close eye on him if you don’t want to get you and yours into trouble, but with his quick, quiet steps, diminutive size and eagerness to impress, if you need something done on the sly, he’s your man.

Buck likes to draw and write, but he sucks at both and often combines the two, integrating scribbles and doodles into notes and letters in place of words, causing most of his writings to appear as near-illegible hieroglyphic-scrawl. He also likes games of chance and enjoys a drink or two, though he can’t handle much more than one reasonably sized glass. (he’s a wee thing, after all)

His excessively thick, pale hair and erring on the taller side of his race implies there may be some trace of human to him, but if so it’s most likely far back in his bloodline – and having no knowledge of his parentage means he wouldn’t be able to confirm or deny either way.

Buck Wyrmseeker

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