Taking the Veil

The Platinum Depths


Autumn Dark 431 AC
World Tree the 22nd

The Platinum Depths

Let my words be recorded for the Ages yet to come. It is on this day that I, Lightbringer, walk once more in the footsteps of the Lady of Blue. I have need of a champion, and so few remain that I can ask for aid.

In this darkest of times, I will see justice done, and balance restored. I will test the mettle of my chosen, and she will be the fulcrum to my lever; together, we shall shift creation to our will.

In these holy chambers, she will stand before me, and she will prove her worth.

Generosity, obedience, integrity, nobility and strength. Markers of all good deeds.

On this day, I will set the path in motion. On this day, I will guide those worthy of changing fate as we would ourselves see it done.

In The Book we must now all trust, let free will grow from this. Tobril may be all that stands to mark the true intent of this tender guidance, let my words be written true.



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