Taking the Veil

The Tower of the Eye


Summer End 431 AC
Gateway the 31st

Temple of Zeboim, North-East of Hope Outpost, and the Tower of the Eye (no current location)

In the weeks following the arduous trial of the new Companions of the Rising Phoenix, several disturbing reports reached the ears of Cur and Malar Uth Wistan; rumours of a travelling wagon leaving a trail of sickness in its wake, as well as rumours of an infamous blade with a dark history… last held by the Master of Past and Present, and once more in the hands of a black-robed mage.

Hoping to head off a potential threat before it developed further, Blue volunteered to investigate both reports. During his travels he encountered Red, and the pair agreed to travel together while they held common interests. Using Ral to scout ahead, Blue spoke to several peasants and farmers living in the farmlands in the area, and learned of several key locations in the area that might offer refuge to less scrupulous individuals.

To the North-East, a temple to Zeboim. To the North, an abandoned tower, long held to belong to a powerful wizard from an earlier age that locals had come to call the Tower of the Eye, and to the North-West a derelict copper mine, rumoured to have been overtaken by a sinister foreigner and his armed escort.

The Temple of Zeboim lies desecrated now, the holy relics at its heart defiled by unworthy hands. Undead roam freely through the ruins, while the Temple itself was destroyed by Zeboim’s capricious hand.

The Tower of the Eye proves elusive yet. Despite offering welcome respite to the weary travellers, ultimately the powerful magics that have protected this sacred place from destruction since before the Cataclysm once more saw the Eye close, and the Tower whisked away as if in a childish tantrum.

The mysteries of this ancient edifice may never be fully understood, but one thing stands certain… the Tower of the Eye does exist, and someone calls it home.



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